• What is Your Story?

    And what is your role in that story? More meaningful medicine takes this into account by addressing your symptoms and what they mean for you in your life.

    What is Your Story?
  • We Believe Treatment Should Be Pleasurable

    If treatment is painless, that is great. If it is pleasurable, that is even better. We offer therapies designed to feel good. It’s just one of the ways we are raising the bar in healthcare today.

    We Believe Treatment Should Be Pleasurable
  • We are Part of Nature

    Our health is ultimately related to the health of our planet and its ecosystems. Nature, and your nature, know how to bring about healing, and we can help remove obstacles for that to happen.

    We are Part of Nature
  • Karma Lhundup, East Asian Medicine Practitioner

    Being a great clinician is just as much an art as it is a science, the art is in addressing the individual in her context with the most relevant suggestions designed specifically for her and her circumstances, especially the ways in which they are unique.

    Karma Lhundup, East Asian Medicine Practitioner
  • Age-old Wisdom. Space-age Tools.

    Laser-Acupuncture is an effective alternative to traditional acupuncture needles for ZebraPoints services. It is also more comfortable and less invasive.

    Age-old Wisdom. Space-age Tools.

Symptomwork We specialize in treating traumatic, musculoskeletal injuries, including auto accident injuries, using innovative modalities under the East Asian Medicine Practitioner scope of practice in the State of Washington. Laser-Acupuncture uses a medical laser instead of needles to stimulate acupuncture points. Laser-acupuncture offers a great alternative to traditional needle-acupuncture in ZebraPoints therapies. It is more comfortable and less invasive. Mind-Body Medicine uses how you think about symptoms to change how you experience them. Process-oriented therapy explores symptoms while in liminal states of mind, very relaxed states between waking and sleep by tracking impulses in this state of mind, as they travel through the body. Asian Herbal Formulas are an effective natural option for many common ailments. ZebraPoints uses a virtual dispensary to provide clients with a reliable source of the high quality products.

Signature Protocols 3A-p Therapy or Alostatic Adjustment Acupuncture, combines laser-acupuncture symptomwork with mind-body medicine to balance the nervous system and provide relief from severe and chronic stress. It can be very helpful for stress-related conditions like depression or anxiety, and can help resolve the underlying tension that leads to many stress-related conditions. BioFlow Bodywork is shiatsu-style massage that works on many of the body’s major acupuncture points using acupressure and gentle, rhythmic, rocking motions. It also focuses on the body’s connective tissues, to relieve tension behind pain and constriction, and to promote deep states of relaxation. BioFlow Bodywork is a feel-good, spa-like therapy, designed to be taken once or twice per month for maintenance and prevention.

Lifestyle ZebraPoints Workshops are 2-hour workshops where participants explore health-related experiences in a group setting using process-oriented facilitation. Community building organized around health and healthy lifestyle. RAJI Ukemi Fitness is a fitness system developed by the world-renowned Aikido Master, Jaff Raji, the founder and director of the Ecole de Budo RAJI International. Global Awareness ZebraPoints is following and sharing encouraging news about Holistic land-management efforts to restore the savannas of Africa, and preserving Zebra habitat.

Very gentle yet effective at relieving muscle pain. The office was aesthetically and energetically pleasing.–Recent Customer

This was wonderful. I felt so refreshed and able to cope with the world once again. Karma Lhundup is wonderful.–Recent Customer

Wonderful little place! We tried the laser acupuncture and both my husband and I liked it. I came in with a headache and left completely pain free and relaxed. Definitely not your run of the mill massage place. He is very experienced, and knowledgeable.–Recent Customer